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Real Money
Utopia Silver Supplements Encourages the Use of Real Money.

Purchase your supplements using real money (gold or silver coins) at the daily exchange rate.

1) Get one free colloidal product for each one purchased at the regular retail price.

2) Receive a 20% discount on all other supplements.

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1) Login to your account and enter the products you want into your shopping cart.

2) For products which qualify for a " Buy 1, Get 1 Free", list those in the "notes" section of your order with a.) the SKU number and b.) the description of each product. Coin

3) For other supplements, enter the products directly into your shopping cart and we will figure your discount.

4) Again, in the notes section of your order, list the coins you will be sending, along with their value on the day of your order from these links,
Coinvalues.com or Coinflation.com

5) Complete your order by selecting "Cash or Real Money" on the checkout page; confirm
your order; write down your Order Number upon completion.

6) Send an e-mail to here , informing us of your Order Number.

7) Await our reply for verification purposes before mailing in your coins, which will
include instructions on how to safely mail your coins to us.

8) When using postal mailing, make sure to include the above information with your Order Number.

9) Your order will ship as soon as your payment is received.

(IntraMax is excluded by manufacturer agreement from all sales and discounts)
(Utopia Silver assumes no responsibility for coins until they are received by us, so we advise the purchase of shipping insurance and
delivery confirmation.

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