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Section 3: Editorials & Opinions

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The following information is presented as an expression of “free speech” for viewers in The United States of America.

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More Information From the Centers of Disease Control


What exactly is cancer?

So many diseases come under the term cancer. In all diseases of cancer, it seems that the cells in our body grow rapidly which damages our healthy tissues. These rapidly growing tissues kill the normal tissues in our body. The decreasing normal cells results as nutritional deprivation in our body.

Another effects of the cancer tissue are fastest growth of cells pressurize another surrounding organs or tissue of the body which cause more damage to the normal cells. Growth of cancer is known as metastasis. Malignant tumors infect other organs that plays vital role in our body. It diminishes the efficiency of the normal organs. Some of the cancer does not create tumor like blood cancer (leukemia).

Cancer does not come under contagious disease category. Second leading reason of death in America is cancer.

In Latin dictionary, cancer is the word for crab.

Do you think you have Cancer?

There are too many factors, which causes the cancer. It includes medical history of your family, surrounding environment, lifestyle and your choices as well.

As per the report of US Surgeon General in 1982, cigarette is the main reason that causes cancer disease in United States . Today, it is a fact as there was same condition in 1982.

Cancer remission

When cancer responds to the treatment or comes under control, we can say that it is a remission period of the cancer. Remission may be complete or partial. All the symptoms and signs disappear when it gets complete control over cancer. In partial remission, some of the symptoms seem to be not disappearing. Remission takes its time from week to years to get cured. Another treatment can be used for remission if same disease re-appears.

Treatment for Cancer

There are several treatments and most common treatments among them for cancer are chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgically removal of the cells of cancer.

In the treatment of radiation therapy, which is also known as radiotherapy, experts use the high power rays to kill the cells. Treatment using radiation therapy is given according to the stages of cancer. Radiation therapy does not cover full body; it includes only specific area. In other words, it is given locally.

The treatment of Chemotherapy includes the usage of drugs to kill the cancer cells. Combination of various drugs in this treatment can be given separately or after radiation therapy.

Nutritional food during the treatment of cancer

Taking enough food in cancer treatment is beneficial as it increases proteins and calories in the body and prevents loss of weight. Eating nutritional food causes better feeling and gives enough energy.

In cancer treatment, it is found that some people do not eat nutritional food as they lose the appetite. The main reasons of losing of appetite are the side effects from treatment given like vomiting, mouth sores and nausea. Often the taste of food becomes different and the people who have cancer lose the desire for eating.

To maintain good nutritional diet, you can consult your physician, or you can get assistance from a nurse for the same during the treatment. So that it becomes possible to avoid the side effects of the treatment. The major cause of death in cancer is malnutrition. Therefore healthy and balanced diet is very important and plays vital role in cancer treatment.

Is Bacterial Infection Carcinogenic?
by Kirstie Saltsman
Posted February 2, 2001 Issue 95
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Can bacteria cause cancer? The author discusses the discovery of a link between bacterial infection and cancer, the mechanisms by which bacteria cause cancer, and the potential for treatment. Although his work was later called into question, Johannes Fibiger, the winner of the 1926 Nobel Prize in physiology, may not have been too far off the mark. He was awarded the prize for his discovery that a
parasitic worm, Spiroptera carcinoma, causes gastric tumors in rats. While dissecting rats infected with the tuberculosis bacterium, he noticed that some had stomach growths, each of which contained a parasitic worm. The growths later proved to be unrelated to the parasite, and doubt was even cast upon his assertion that the growths were malignant. Nevertheless, the idea that an infectious organism could cause cancer turned out to be accurate and groundbreaking. 

Infectious organisms cause about 15% of cancers. By the early 1970s, nearly 30 mammalian oncoviruses had been discovered, and it is now estimated that over 15 percent of cancers worldwide are caused by infectious organisms. Although the idea that viruses can cause cancer has been accepted for decades, the idea that bacteria can cause cancer has begun to attract attention only recently. The most established instance of this is the link between Helicobacter pylori infection and gastric cancer, but bacterial infections have also been implicated in other types, such as colon and gall bladder cancers. 

The mechanisms by which bacteria cause cancer appear to be quite different from those used by viruses. Viruses, by inserting their genomes into host cell chromosomes, can alter expression patterns of host cell genes and disrupt the intricately regulated process of growth control. Human papillomavirus (HPV), for example, which is associated with cervical cancer, induces cellular transformation by inhibiting the host cell tumor suppressors p53 and Rb. In addition, as in the case of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), viral infection can cause depletion of the immune system, leaving the  host less able to destroy cancerous or precancerous cells that arise by spontaneous mutation. Kaposi's sarcoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma are now considered AIDS-defining malignancies. Bacterial infections can cause tumors via inflammation. In contrast, bacteria are thought to cause cancer largely via an indirect mechanism. It seems that it is the host's response to infection - inflammation - which damages cells and predisposes them toward becoming cancerous. Phagocytes drawn to the site of infection release reactive oxygen and nitrogen species that can cause DNA mutations and damage cellular proteins and lipids. In addition, loss of cells at the site of infection stimulates cell proliferation in order to regenerate the tissue, a process that leaves the site vulnerable to tumor formation. Proliferating cells are one step closer to uncontrolled cell growth, and are also susceptible to acquiring mutations due to errors in DNA replication. Although inflammation and its molecular consequences are now known to be major risk factors in developing gastric adenocarcinoma in those infected with H. pylori, it was not until fairly recently that a connection was made between the two. Although the association between H. pylori and gastric cancer is among the better known examples of a bacterial cause for cancer, Julie Parsonnet, associate professor of medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine's proposed ERID (Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases) program, points out that it is not the first such association to be made. She says that "people have long recognized that chronic skin and bone infections with bacteria can lead to aggressive skin cancers." Although it had been suspected for some time that a widespread environmental determinant was an etiologic factor in the development of gastric cancer, it was not until 1991 that H. pylori, a gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium, was found to be involved. Over 50 percent of the world's population is infected with H. pylori; however, in most cases, infection has no serious clinical consequences. A complex interplay between host and bacterial factors seems to determine the outcome of infection. Among the bacterial factors is a group  of genes - whose functions are largely unknown - localized in a cassette called the cag pathogenicity island. cag+ strains are more virulent than their cag-counterparts, and there is a strong correlation between infection with cag+ strains and the occurrence of both gastric cancer and duodenal ulcer disease. However, those with H. pylori-induced ulcers are less likely than the general population to contract gastric cancer, a finding that underscores the importance of host factors in disease outcome.
Host genes influence susceptibility to bacterial tumorigenesis. Because host factors are thought to influence susceptibility to disease, a number of research teams are currently trying to pinpoint disease-predisposing genetic determinants within the host. Among those that are already known to influence the risk of gastric cancer is the gene for interleukin-1-beta (IL-1-beta). Elevated levels of this
cytokine promote inflammation and suppress gastric acid secretion, which allows for more extensive bacterial colonization of the stomach. In an attempt to identify other host genes that influence the risk of gastric cancer, Karen Guillemin, a postdoctoral research fellow in Stanley Falkow's lab at Stanford University, has devised a strategy based on the use of human DNA microarrays and a tissue culture model of infection. By comparing the host genes induced by the more virulent cagA+ strain with those induced by a cagA- strain, she has distinguished a subset that may be involved in disease. Some of these genes appear to be involved in cell signaling or in remodeling the cell ultrastructure, both of which may set a cell on a course toward malignancy. However, others are likely to promote cancer indirectly by promoting the growth of virulent strains. "Because infection with H. pylori is a long-term, often lifetime condition, and because H. pylori populations are known to undergo a lot of genetic changes and diversification, similar to viruses, a complexity that I think will emerge is that certain host genes will be found to promote particular gastric environmental conditions that select for more or less virulent bacteria," says Guillemin. Because only 1 percent of infected individuals have the misfortune of contracting the disease, genetic determinants within both host and bacteria are likely to affect the
outcome of infection. Vaccination against H. pylori may fight cancer well. The finding that bacterial infections can cause cancer is exciting because unlike a genetic predisposition or an environmental factor, infections often can be treated or prevented. A recent study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute has shown regression of precancerous lesions upon treatment with antibiotics among a high-risk population in southwestern Columbia. Other studies are currently underway. However,
the use of antibiotics is unlikely to take hold as a widespread preventive measure. The cost would preclude such a strategy, as would the risk of inducing the emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains. A more practical approach would be to induce protection by vaccination, and trials in mouse models of infection have already yielded promising results. Oral and intranasal vaccination has provided mucosal immunity, and systemic vaccination has also been shown to provide protection in the mouse model. It remains to be seen if these promising results will be reflected in the human trials currently being undertaken. In 1966, Peyton Rous was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for his discovery that a virus (the Rous sarcoma virus) could cause cancer. Now, a mere 35 years later, a significant proportion of liver cancer is preventable thanks to a vaccine against hepatitis B. In addition, vaccines against human papillomavirus are now being tested in an effort to combat cervical cancer, and Epstein-Barr-virus-related tumors in HIV patients are becoming less common thanks to immunotherapy. Just as the discovery of the viral origin of certain cancers led to useful therapies, it is probably not overly optimistic to expect that the discovery of a link between bacterial infection and cancer will soon lead to effective treatments and eventually curtail the number of lives lost to this deadly disease. Kirstie Saltsman is a freelance biomedical writer based in Baltimore. She received her Ph.D. from Harvard in 1996 and did postdoctoral work at Stanford. 

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Here is another factor to consider regarding specifically Breast Cancer.

Almost 90% of Americans use deodorant. Most of it has an antiperspirant. Most of that is Aluminum Chlorhydrate. This compound stops all pores from allowing perspiration to exit the body at the arm pits. A large amount of toxins are excreted here under normal circumstances. The restriction of the sweat glands in this area is thought to contribute to Breast Cancer and Lymphatic Cancer. It only makes sense. Though studies continue, the evidence is mounting that this is true.

Our Advanced Colloidal Silver makes a perfect underarm deodorant for those looking for ways to avoid Breast Cancer and Lymphatic Cancer.

In our opinion, anyone who is sick with anything should undergo a course of a month or so of colloidal silver to cleanse the body of pathogens. It not only kills the pathogens, but takes the pressure off of the immune system so it can do its job with less "drag" from the stuff that colloidal silver so easily kills.

Opinion 1 
Hi Utopia Silver,
I have been receiving your newsletter for quite awhile now. I looked up sites for my Dad and yours seemed to be the most interesting! I read everything you write! I print out every newsletter for Dad each time I get them! Now "I" have a few family Opinions! My 82 yr. old Aunt Boo had skin cancer on her leg in two places. She had one spot taken off by a dermatologist and was due to take the other off when Dad had told her about him making a Generator to make 
Colloidal Silver Water. She decided to put it on topically three times a day with a Q-tip swab. In less than a week, the skin cancer that she was due to have remove had gotten a scab on it and fell off. Dad's HBa1c (3 month diabetes test) came down points since using it! He had a cyst on his back and treated it with everything. He was ready for his family Dr. to refer a surgeon when he thought, I make this for everyone and he hears of all the people he has helped by just giving a bottle of silver water to them. So he started applying it topically a few times a day. It took a while, but finally it reduced in size until 
it finally went away completely. He praises silver water! We use it for everything, topically and internally. I even use it in my cat's water bowl, as my Persian cat had runny eyes and no longer suffers that problem. 

Thank you so much for your site and knowledge on CSW! 
From the whole Amos Family,
Ms. Wilma L. Amos
Bill Amos
Doris Moffitt (Amos)

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Opinion 2

utopia silver:

You must hear this story !!!

In March  of 2000 my husband was diagnosed with follicular small cleaved cell non-hodgkin's lymphoma.  We were totally devastated when we received the news from the oncologist!  He was put on  "watch and wait"  because he experienced no symptoms and was told that when symptoms appeared the only treatment that would put his cancer in remission was chemotherapy. We dreaded the thought of chemo, not to mention the fact that the average remission time would only be for a couple of years and then it will return.
This disease is treatable but not considered curable !!

I decided to take action.  I told my husband that we could just sit and do nothing or try something in the meantime while he was in "watch and wait".
His CT scan in April showed no change in the lymph nodes in his stomach where he had a large mass from the last test in January.  In April I went to our local health food store and talked to an herbalist which suggested colloidal silver.  My husband took it for l0 straight days once per month faithfully.

Just this week he had another CT scan and the oncologist told him that the cancer had gone into remission on its own !!!!!!!!!  We were in shock and simply couldn't believe it !!!  As a matter of fact, the oncologist is not scheduling another CT scan for one more year.

You have a great product and it has absolutely changed our lives. You can image what a relief it was to hear the good news !! Maybe a cure for certain kind of cancers????

He will continue to use colloidal silver and I will let you know if the miracle continues !!!!!

Lucille Schreiner
Syracuse, NY
[EDITOR'S NOTE: We do not say that colloidal silver cures cancer. However,
we have heard so many tremendous Opinions that we are compelled to share them. It is our opinion that colloidal silver does kill some cancer causing
agents, but it also kills bacteria and viruses which drag down the body's immune system. This allows the body's natural immune system to fight cancer more effectively.]

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Opinion 3

Dear utopia silver
I recently ordered colloidal silver from you. I had an ear ache so I put a  couple of drops in my ear that night. It was about 90% cleared up the next  morning. I couldn't believe how fast it had improved. I have had trouble  with this ear for awhile. My dad is going through Chemo for lymphoma. Should  he start taking this or would it be better if he waited until after his  treatments are over?

Barbara McD.

[We have also, like Barbara, had excellent success treating ear infections. As for lymphoma or any other cancer, or its treatment, we make no claims but have had no reports of any adverse reactions with any medicine or treatment of any disease. There is some evidence emerging in the literature and anecdotal information that many cancers are caused by microbial agents, viruses, bacteria and even molds. Though we have no direct proof or clinical studies to back up these "microbial causes of cancer", we have had some Opinions in the use of colloidal silver against  cancers. Since colloidal silver is harmless, inexpensive and unobstrusive it is certainly worth a try, especially where cause is in question.]

Opinion 4

Dear utopia silver,

In 1989 I was victim of non hodgsons lymphoma, for 2 years I had chemo, radiation, bone marrow transplant. one night in 92 I heard my specialist say "to contact my family as I wouldn't live another day". I prayed that night not to get well but to go to Heaven if their were such a place, at this time I was not a Christian, well God in his Grace pulled me through, from that day until this very moment I have never had any medication for the cancer that threatened my life, in 97 I gave my life to Him, the greatest physician. Today I use colloidal silver which has healed psoriasis on my leg after 3 years suffering with annoying itch and scaling, removed my warts almost overnight, thank you for the opportunity to 1, praise God, 2. tell of the wonders of these products. Today I tend to buy the gold as there are a few problems in my life caused by the two years of chemotherapy, bad circulation being the worst of them, I will let you know the results. God bless you for your healing power.

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Opinion 5
A man in my hometown was diagnosed with cancer - his whole abdomen was full of it. The doctors said there was no use in trying to treat it, he only had 6 months to live. He started taking large amounts of shark cartilage, vit E & C, antioxidants. He lived a year past his expiration date, but was NOT doing well. I helped him set up a LVDC Cs maker and he began drinking it like a fish. I didn't see him for 2 months, and when I did, he had just had a full CAT scan. The doctors said it "appeared" there was no cancer in his body. I asked him to please get copies of the before and after CAT scans. When I saw him another month later, I asked him if he had ever gotten those CAT scan copies. He said his doctor would have nothing to do with him, would not return his calls, was never available to answer them.

Another person was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue. The woman's husband called me and asked if I had any suggestions. I asked her to postpone the surgery for a month to try something. With much objection, the doctor agreed to 2 weeks. I had her take one ounce of 12 ppm CS 3Xday, hold it in her mouth for 5 minutes (timing with a clock), and then swallow it. She did this for 2 weeks. When she went in for the surgery, the doctor said it was 75% improved, there wasn't even enough to do a biopsy, let alone surgery.

Terry Wayne

Keep in mind, we haven't verified this one, but it should cause some people's faith (placebo effect) to zoom!

Opinion 6
Dear Utopia,

I have just got to share this testimony about the merits of colloidal silver with you because it's too good to be kept a secret. My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer almost 10 years ago (has had radiation therapy) but the cancer came back, and he also has heart trouble ( 5 bypasses)and a large aorta aneurysm. In his kidneys he has a large stag horn calculus that has prevented him from having a stint inserted because of the calculus being to close to the aneurysm. The poor man was having problems with hemorrhaging from the kidneys and no amount of antibiotic could stop it in less than 2 to 3 weeks. Pretty scary stuff! In the year 2002 we learned about colloidal silver and he began taking a tbl spoon a day faithfully and as of this day, 9/3/02 not another incident of bleeding has occurred. Reg is going to be 78 this coming Feb. and neither one of us go the conventional medical route anymore. He is enjoying good health and is still able to do all the maintenance on and in our home I credit that of course to the love of God and a right attitude and colloidal silver. He takes NO other medicines, just vitamins and minerals only. So what I am saying is this,"don't hesitate to use it" I don't sell it and neither do I gain any monetary benefits from taking the time to tell you all this other then sharing the truth of this wonderful mineral.....

Roz Wilson

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Opinion 7
Hello utopia silver!   I am as guilty as anyone for not writing about my results
with C.S.  I use it daily and have not had a cold or flu in two years
now.  I have had skin cancer for seven years and on my last check up my doctor found a cell on the back of my neck he said needed to be removed. But he wanted to take a sample for testing first and do not make any plans for the holidays because he wanted to do the surgery as soon as possible. When the biopsy came back he called and said I was clean he didn't understand this because he has seen so many he would have bet
anything I needed surgery he wants me to come in in three months and
check it again. I believe I had a cell and the C.S. cured it and that is
what hes never seen before is a cell that has been cured!  I take a
small dose twice a day I haven't told my doctor what I am taking I don't think he will believe it. I am going to let him figure it out then tell him about it on my next visit in three months. I go in once a year for exam and he usually freezes 8 or 10 pre cancerious placses off my head and arms. He says my skin is looking real good. He ask me when he called how the biopsy incision has healed and to really watch this. It healed in just a few days and looks nice and pink. Bill as you know I have giving it to my race birds for two years now and won one of the biggest race here last spring. I got rid of nearly all the sickness that was in my lofts the birds have really done well on this treatment they are all healthy and doing fine. I do not give any pharmaceutical drugs at all for two years now just a small daily dose of C.S.   I am sorry I haven't taken the time to write any of this down but I could write a book on this with my experiences with C.S.  I am sending a link to a site that is interesting since a friend of mine who is in pharmaceutical drug salesman
told me he has bought stock in this company that is manufacturing this
new band aid and bandage product made of silver they can't hardly supply all the hospital orders they are receiving not to mention the nursing homes.  He says that its healing effects are outstanding they are doing all kinds of research on the healing effects of coloidal silver and silver in several forms I feel like there is a lot going on in the research that we don't know about yet and will probably be coming out this next year.
Your friend Jerry Keith   ( rodeojerry)
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Opinion 8
I'm like a lot of the rest of the people who have been using C.S. , and have failed to give my testimony.  It's not as dramatic as some that I have read, but it is different.  I had read one of the testimonies that said that they had been putting it on there hair.  So I tried it and found it to be the best after shampoo rinse I've ever used, you just put it in a spray bottle, towel dry your hair then spray it on, brush it through, and let it air dry. But there was a plus, not only did I get great manageability,  but I found that it also has began healing some kind of crusting that I had on the crown of my head.  Along with the other benefits, I found that the color back that I was putting in my hair I only have to use about 1/3 as often, with the same results.      I have taken an old hair spray bottle put a new label on it and filled it with C.S. I daily spray it on my feet, and have found that I never get athletics feet anymore.      I have taken some C.S. and put it in a facial steamer, and steam my face with it once or twice a day, and can see a remarkable reducing of some skin cancers that I have on my face. One day I had a very bad ear infection and used C.S. about twice a day, and was able to completely cure it, without having to go to a doctor. One morning my sinuses were clogged up, and I used a vaporizer with a few teaspoons full of C.S. in it and breath in the vapor and it cleared up my sinuses in one hour.  When I got home that night my sinuses started to clog up again, I use the vaporizer again, it cleared them up, and I haven't been bothered by it again. Every morning I take about three teaspoons full of C.S. just for protection. I have also started spraying it on my meats just before I cook. I can't prove that C.S. is the answer, but my wife starting having a very bad cough, especially when she would lay down in bed.  With out her knowing it I put some C.S. in a spray bottle and sprayed the bed, the pillows, the air conditioning filter, the curtains, and etc., and from the first night she did not cough. I have continued to do this about twice a week, and she has not had that cough since. Yes I'm a believer in C.S. and I recommend it to everyone that I know.
Steve Schillinger Panama City, Florida

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Opinion 9
Dear utopia silver

In 1989 I was victim of non hodgsons lymphoma, for 2 years I had chemo, radiation, bone marrow transplant. one night in 92 I heard my specialist say "to contact my family as I wouldn't live another day". I prayed that night not to get well but to go to Heaven if their were such a place, at this time I was not a Christian, well God in his Grace pulled me through, from that day until this very moment I have never had any medication for the cancer that threatened my life, in 97 I gave my life to Him, the greatest physician. Today I use colloidal silver which has healed psoriasis on my leg after 3 years suffering with annoying itch and scaling, removed my warts almost overnight, thank you for the opportunity to 1, praise God, 2. tell of the wonders of these products. Today I tend to buy the gold as there are a few problems in my life caused by the two years of chemotherapy, bad circulation being the worst of them, I will let you know the results. God bless you for your healing power.

Opinion 10
I live in iran and i have constructed my own cs generator from info from the internet. now i have been using cs for 4 years. before that i used to catch cold 4 times a year 9average). since i have been using cs i have not caught cold even once.
the experience i want to share is about my mother in law who is 75 yrs old.
she had caught a cold about 1 yr ago and thru neglect her sickness have aggravated. when my wife brought her to shiraz (our town) for diagnosis the doctors told us that it was too late, that she had lung cancer and she had only 2 months to live at most. The x ray photographs showed her lungs full of water. it was all white. they gave some antibiotics also.
we never gave her the antibiotics because she had been consuming antibiotics for a whole year with no positive results. i gave her a glass of cs everyday. to tell you frankly i don't even know the concentration of the cs i was producing with my apparatus. but she got well. two months after coming to us, we had her x rayed and the doctor said that her lungs were cleared. it was a miracle he said. the doctor who was treating her also said that it was a miracle. of course he had never heard about cs. but he told us to continue. after 3 months my mother in law has gone back home completely cured. 

yousouf eydatoula

[EDITOR'S NOTE:] We do not write this stuff nor do we always necessary believe CS is the only possible explanation, but sometimes........

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Do you have a Opinion or an experience you would like to share? Please go here and tell us on our forum!


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