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Advanced Colloidal Silver
Testimonial Submitted: 07/25/2012

I began using your silver in 2001, have NOT had a single antibiotic since then for sinus infections! I got your generator, and now just get silver wire and make my own. YOU SAVED MY LIFE! I was on antibiotics constantly plus cortisone shots too. I take 2 oz daily, spray in my nose, and drip in my eyes. I have cured many friends and pets with my silver generator! I spread the word anytime I can about your products! THANKS again!

S. McIntyre

Advanced Colloidal Silver
Testimonial Submitted: 07/21/2012

My husband was fighting the Type 2 Herpes Virus with very little success. This is a very painful virus. He finally found using Colloidal Silver was an amazing product and combined it with Lysine. He has complete relief and is so pleased. Thanks

S. Marcucci

Advanced Colloidal Silver
Testimonial Submitted: 07/12/2012
Hi I just wanted to chime in and share a story. I work in a dog grooming shop and we have a customer who's dog had a fungus on his nose for the longest time. He kept taking him to the Vet and they would give him medicine ( internal and external I think)to cure it. It has been in this condition for over a year I believe. Well we were talking about it with the customer and I mentioned colloidal silver to him and he was game to try it. I just happened to have a gallon in my car that I had just ordered and so I gave him a few ounces and told him to put it on his nose twice a day. Check this out! Three weeks later he returns for his next visit and the fungus is GONE!! We were all so happy to see Jack back to his usual handsome self again. It was pretty cool proving to people what I've been telling them for years......Colloidal silver is awesome stuff!

J. Jones

Advanced Colloidal Silver
We have been using your silver and making our own silver for many years now. We have used it for everything imaginable both for our dog grooming shops and family home use. Everything gets silver, dogs, parrots, cockateil, sores, red spots, skin problems, infections, dandruff and ALWAYS with great success. The family uses it, gave it to daughter years ago, she gave it to her neighbors and now her neiborhood uses silver all the time. ALL with great success.

But, what happened this time, I never expected. We do not use chemicals anymore than we have to. So, I used it for deoderant a few months ago and since none of the over the counter natural things are effective for us, I really didn't hold out much hope for colloidal silver. WRONG again, it is fabulous, haven't had one minutes problem with silver for deoderant since the first day I used it, even while working all day long. Thrilled beyond words. Thank you Utopia for the best thing that ever happened to the every day 'care' of this family and our business.

Mr. Morris

Mountain Cedar Oil

I purchased some cedar oil from you and used 2 dropper fulls of the oil into my dog's bath soap. I need to say that it smells awesome........left the dogs with a beautiful glossy coat, and killed every flea on them. They haven't scratched for days. Also, I notice that the instructions on the bottle say it can be used orally, 2 drops. What are the benefits of cedar oil taken orally?

BTW...............I love the smell. Reminds me of the hill country.

Gary in Texas

Rose Laurel OPC




A little background: Annamarie is a lady of around 80 years old or so who is friends with my uncle and aunt in Sherman, Texas. At one time AnnaMarie and her husband were in a "walking club" with my uncle and aunt. When my uncle and aunt found out that Annamarie had breast cancer that was getting worse no matter what she tried, my uncle told Annamarie about how he followed my advice and used oleander as the centerpiece of an anti-cancer protocol that successfully got rid of his lung cancer after mainstream medicine failed him.

Tony in Northeast Texas

Advanced Colloidal Silver

Saturday: Left upper eyelid was tender. I knew that blepharitis was on its way.

Sunday: Woke up with eyelid swollen, red, and painful. Took ibuprofen for pain, and began CS treatment. Over the course of the day, drank about 8 oz. of Utopia Silver. Also sprayed eye with CS roughly once an hour. Used saline hot compress three or four times during the day.

Monday: Woke up with eyelid less swollen, but still painful, and goopy. Same treatment as Sunday.

Tuesday: Swelling down 50%. Pain is down 85%. Continued with CS treatment. Ingested approx 3 oz. of CS, and continued spraying eyelid with CS.

Wednesday: Swelling down 85%. Pain is gone. Continued CS spray, and ingested approx. 2 oz.

Thursday: Eyelid almost normal. I have no pain, and there is only a minor amount of residual redness.

IMPRESSIVE! Utopia Silver has proven its worth. I have had blepharitis before, and have known it to last for at least a week to two weeks. My aunt had it for a month and was given steroid creams to deal with her swollen eyelid. Less than a week later, my eye is almost back to normal, through the use of CS. I love Utopia Silver!

Advanced Colloidal Silver

I had a complete replacement of my left knee last month at Audie Murphy VA Hospital in San Antonio. Have a lot of rehab physical therapy to do. I was afraid of getting an infection while in the hospital so I took the therapeutic doses of Advanced Colloidal Silver for several weeks prior to surgery. So far no infection what-so-ever.

Robert in Texas

Advanced Colloidal Silver

Dear Utopia,
I live in Germany. I ordered from Utopia while in North America and had the shipment sent to my mothers house where I received it with no problems. I brought the shipment back to Germany and started using it regularly 2 tbs, 3 times a day. It is a wonderful supplement and Utopia is the top of the line suppliers. I just had a liver transplant so this product is life saving for me. With no immune system due to me taking immune suppressors so as not to reject my new liver, I could get sick easily. With C.S. I have not been sick once! Your product showed me the power of C.S. protecting me from common colds/flu's working as another immune system for me.

John in Germany

Rose Laurel OPC

I was diagnosed 1 year ago with prostate cancer. I tried several diets, the doctor wanted to perform surgery. Instead I tried your Rose Laurel OPC. Within 45 days my PSA number dropped back to normal range. I thank you and my girlfriend thanks you.

Mark V.

Colloidal Silver Soap

This is my 3rd order for the natural colloidal silver soap and I think it is wonderful...I also use it to wash my hair and brush my teeth and it is all I need when I travel. Wonderful product, plus it makes a lovely gift....Thanks.

Theresa B., Abbotsford,BC

Swine Flu

All I can say is that a few months ago I heard the ad for Utopia Silver. At the time I had no idea whatsoever what "silver" even was. I did some research on the Utopia site and I decided to order a few bottles. I figured I would keep them at hand in case of a tooth infection, etc. Well, thank god I had the silver because three weeks ago when the "swine flu" broke out here in NY, my whole family got it. I immediately gave them the Utopia Silver and they were all back to normal within two days. I know it was swine flu because it was confirmed by a doctor, through a nose swab. I can't be without Utopia Silver ever again. I never believed it would work like that. It's amazing stuff and now I always have it in stock. I have told everyone I know and I urge everyone to please buy it. It can really save your life. Thank you Utopia Silver !!!!!!!

Maria N., Ikolopoulpos, New York

Food Poisoning

My niece (9 yrs old) got food poisoning eating at a local festival on Friday night. I gave her a teaspoon of colloidal silver 2x and that was it. By Saturday afternoon, she was eating and felt 100% better. I"m new to the colloidal silver "thing". I never really believed it would work and now I can't be without it. I advise everyone to get this product. I am 100% satisfied !!!!!!!!!

Maria N., Ikolopoulpos, New York

Gold and Silver Soaps

It took me a while, but I finally ordered the silver and gold soap after my Burt's Bees soap ran out. I am so glad I did! I love the soap!!!!!

It cleans very well and without a lot of lather that you spend extra time and water washing off. It absolutely will not dry out your skin, and after years of not using any soap products on my face, I can now use it freely and have a great clean feeling without any harsh chemicals or that tight feeling from using traditional soap.

It does "lather" to some degree, but it is a long lasting soap too. That really impressed me, since it does cost a little more than what you buy in the store. But the value is great! It doesn't melt away like other soaps.(Even the Burt's Bees soaps used up quickly). You are left feeling clean and refreshed without harmful chemicals.

We live in the country and have well water. The high mineral content can be problematic. I am also careful what I put down my drains due to the septic system. The silver and gold soaps are a wonderful addition to overcoming the high mineral content that can leave you feeling less than clean after a shower, and I don't have to worry that I could be adding contaminants to the soil or water table.

Now I just need to convince my son and husband to use it. You won't go wrong with these soaps.

I wish this had been available when my children came along. If you have young children, or are expecting a new bundle of joy, you should consider using these soaps on your baby. No harmful chemicals! And so very good for the skin and overall health.(Have you read the labels on the baby soaps we have in abundance in the stores? You should!)Less is more. That's certainly true with these soaps.

Rachel H., Tennessee

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I have known about salt lamps for a long time. If nothing else they were so nice to look at, and evoked feelings of well being and a sense of calm. I wasn't sure about the claims of the salt lamps however, but I also decided they would not be harmful. So I recently ordered one, intending to place it in our living room.

When it arrived,my 12 year old son saw it,snatched it up, and took it to his room. It did not take long to realize it really does make a difference! The air was fresher and it eliminated any odor problems. (Face it,kids hide dirty clothes here and there,and have other habits that can lead to odor problems). Sometimes, due to the high humidity we can have here in East Tennessee, he would complain of breathing problems. He hasn't had any problems since the salt lamp was put into his room.

Rather than using chemical laden "air fresheners' which do more harm than good, it has been refreshing to have good clean air. It's not smelling anything that is so healthy!

I plan on ordering more salt lamps in the future. But you cannot go wrong with this fine product. It also came with a full color and highly informative brochure.

Occasionally he even sticks his tongue to the lamp to taste the salt. What other lamp could you have that gives peaceful light, naturally deodorizes and freshens the air, and that can give you healthy salt? What a blessing and I can highly recommend this product.

Rachel H., Tennessee

Canine Ear Infection

A few months ago my dog developed an ear infection in both ears. The vet put her on a round of antibiotics, antibotic ointments,and ear wash and it took forever to go away not to mention how much I hated the fact she was on antibiotics. She got the infection again. This time I made an ear wash out of the advanced colloidal silver, gave it to her twice a day orally (one tsp), did the ear wash twice a day and then wiped liberally with neem oil. It was gone in five days and I was a lot richer for it to boot.

Dianne C.

C.Silver is GREAT for periodontitis

Your Colloidal Silver is FANTASTIC for periodontitis. Swishing a capful thoroughly for a few minutes kills germs and bacteria wonderfully, without the burning of alcohol rinses. Also LOVE how good skin feels after using this soap.


Severe Blisters

while on vacation a couple weeks ago, i wore new shoes that caused large, (literally) quarter sized blisters on both of my heels. (not very smart, i know!) they both burst and bled quite a lot. since i had to wear shoes, i cleaned them daily with CS, and put a dropper full of CS on each bandage.

even WITH the warm, moist environment inside of my shoes, they NEVER GOT INFECTED and healed completely in record time. no redness, no swelling,no pus, no nothing.

perfect healing in record time. every medicine cabinet needs a bottle of utopia CS.

Lawrence C., Reno, NV

Sinus & Allergies

After moving to Houston from Illinois my allergies got a lot worse. I couldn't breath at night and the allergist switched me to 3 RX's (1 pill and 2 inhaled) every night and I still couldn't breath!! I had been looking for CS in IL but couldn't find it. The CS said that you could use it WITH your RX but I decided that I couldn't breath anyway so I would try it alone. WHAT RELIEF!! And I threw out the antibiotics RX he had written for my sinus infection two days later without filling it!!! I have been VERY happy with it ever since and sleeping soundly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
It has so many uses. I even put it on an animal bite and didn't need the doctor.

Elise E., Houston, TX


My husband, my 3 sons and myself have been using collidal silver for over 10 years. We have used it successfully to treat and cure all of the following; planters warts, acne, sore throats, eye infections, burns, skin infections, sinus nfections, and the flu. I am happy to report, that none of us have turned "blue". The only side effect that I can say we have experienced is "good health". Thank You Utopia for providing a product that works and a company we can trust!

Roseanne S.

Yeast Infection

I suffered from a skin rash that was determined to be a Candida yeast infection by a local dermatologist. I used numerous topical medicated ointments and over the counter remedies. I found out about the Colloidal Silver by Internet months before I was brave enough to try it. After 5 doses in 8 weeks of Diflucan, I decided what the heck. I purchased Colloidal Silver from a local health food store. I followed their recommendations for treating the yeast and after 5 days was cleared. I remain on colloidal silver (4 months now), 1 tbsp daily and the yeast has not returned. After 18 months of constant aggravation, I'm very impressed by colloidal silver. My husband was so impressed that he started taking it for a sinus infection that he had taken 3 rounds of antibiotics to clear without success. After 3 doses of the colloidal silver he even noticed that he wasn't snoring at night and was much more rested upon awakening. We are both faithful and have shared our experiences with grateful friends. Out next step is to purchase the equipment to produce our own.

Cynthia S.


I came across your web site and bought a small bottle of colloidal silver because one of your testimonials said they had luck with curing warts. My young 8-year-old daughter was embarrassed by warts that had not gone away with Compound W, which had a strong odor and just didn't seem to work. On the first application of colloidal silver, about half the wart dissolved. A few more applications after that, and it was gone! We were SHOCKED at the speed of it's healing. I think the Compound W treatment calls for weeks and weeks of application.


Urinary Tract Infection

I have been on advanced colloidal silver since November 2002 and have not had a bladder infection since that time. Up until I started the silver I was having bladder infections every two or three months. What a relief. I take one teaspoon every day. I didn't get the flu this year either. Usually I get so sick with the flu and it takes up to six weeks for me to get completely over it. I had just a touch of a cold but it only lasted for a week as I doubled my dose of silver.

I also have developed an extremely dry scalp even though I have very oily hair. I spray the silver onto my scalp and it gives me total relief.

Thank you so much for your product. I know God has given you a real treasure in this ministry. God bless you both.

Most sincerely,

Sun Burns

I'm not one to write a testimonial but in this case I had to. I make my own colloidal silver from the unit I purchased from you company. Since I have ready access to CS, I use it often. Well, I got burnt on the barbecue grill the other day (2nd degree burns) on 3 fingers. I didn't know I got burned until I looked down and saw my fingers stuck to the grill. I have little sensation in my hand. I immediately put those 3 fingers in a bowl of CS. It burnt/hurt like crazy but I knew it would help and help it did. After soaking them for 20min. all the swelling and blisters where gone! Four days later I have no traces of any burns to those fingers, It worked just great. I also, have used it to ease sunburn pain on myself as well as on my clients. Just a couple of sprays and the pain is gone, no kidding! I always have some on hand and use it for everything......from fungal infections on the feet to acne on the face it works like a charm. Knowledge is power and pass the word, this stuff works!

Dale L.

Sore Throat

My family has been using CS for about 2 years now. I bought your
generator and TDS tester so have been making CS for my family, friends and even a little to sell. Essentially I get my CS for free if I sell a little on the side.

We have had great results with CS. A few examples: My mother-in-law cured toe nail fungus, so did a friend of hers, cured eye infections, cured infected cuts and scrapes. It seems to be extremely effective when used topically.

I have also used it to cure sore throats. I work outside and would get a sore throat 4 to 5 times a year which needed antibiotics to clear up. But the antibiotics were hard on my digestive system. Since I found CS when I get a tickle in my throat I lay down and hold CS in the back of my throat for a couple a minutes 2 -3 times a day. In a day or two no more tickle, and no sore throat.

We have not had colds or flu in our house in over a year. At the
first sign of a cold we increase our daily dose from 1/2 tsp once a day to 1/2 tsp 2-3 times a day. We may get some minor symptoms but never a full blown cold.

I have a friend who runs a day care in her home. She used to have problems with the kids sharing colds, runny noses etc.. Now she give each a few drops of CS in their mouths each day and no more runny noses.
Feel free to contact me about these "cures".
Thanks for sharing CS with us.


Skin Rash

I keep giving out my own bottles to my family and friends and now am almost out and certainly appreciate your prompt response. I think your product is very helpful in keeping the skin rash I was continually having at bay. In the beginning, I used it topically two times a day and now that the rash has cleared continue to use it once a day after my shower and have had no further problems. One of my friends was having continual sinus infections and I gave a bottle to her to use and it has helped clear her sinus infections considerably, and also to my sister for the same problem. My sister-in-law is now trying it on exema rash to see if it will help....I hope it works for her. Thank you again,

Sandra O.


I just learned about your site on Colloidal Silver from a friend who knows I love it. I was so glad to see it and to read the many testimonies on its healing values. I have been using Colloidal Silver for nearly 10 years. But it was hard to find and sometimes so very expensive. Then to my delight, I found a place that sold the generators and bought my own. I used to hoard it and use it very sparingly. But now I can use it for everything and have found how it works so well for so many things.

The experience that I would like to add to your testimonies is this:

My mother is 84, and last year she got shingles on her face and in her hair. I had just read that Colloidal Silver was good for shingles, and as I live some 70 miles from her, I took a quart of Colloidal Silver and headed for her home. When I got there I started by giving her a fourth of a cup internally (which we did twice a day ) and started spraying the effected area with a spritz bottle. It started feeling much better almost immediately, as it took the itching and soreness away. She sprayed it as many times a day as she wanted or felt it needed it. Two days later she went back to the Dr. and he was amazed. He told her she was doing so well she would not have to come back. It took a week or so for all the scabs to heal. Sense then several people I know have used the Colloidal Silver for shingles with the same results. Saying it was the only thing that really helped. I also know two people who are now using it for chronic sinus infections which they have had for years and have had none since starting to use the silver . I am so grateful it is being made available to everyone. I believe every home should have its own generator, to provide for there own families.

Lois W., Fountain Green, Ut


I have been reading the many testimonials on your web site on the outstanding VALUE of colloidal silver and I am so happy for the many persons that have been and that are being helped by finding out about the great relief that c.silver has brought to them. I have received so many email letters asking a host of questions, including one from a gentleman that used to be the director of an neurological research team in a large University, who decried the stance that the medical profession has taken on some alternative types of beneficial treatments for various health problems. You may remember me Bill, I wrote you a testimonial nearly a year ago telling you that I had taken tetrycycline for acne rosecea for 27 years, and that after finally trying it for shingles for about 2 months and then being taken off of quinaglute for irregular heart beat, I also went off of tetrycycline to see if by chance my rosecea might have gone away, like maybe I had " outgrown it " and now Bill today is the 428 th day without tetrycycline and I do all the things that was disallowed when I had rosecea, like avoidance of the Vegas summer sun, alcohol, spices, coffee ect. I now enjoy them all and show not even the slightest symptoms of it returning. I have had so many write me with Rosecea and wanting to know if I was for real etc. and so I have tried to answer somewhere under 100 inquiries and cannot keep up with them all. So basically what they need to know is this. Health food stores c. silver prices are prohibitive so I suggest to them to obtain the silver from you in large lots at reduced prices, or buy a generator following instructions carefully. One ounce of this solution morning, noon and night along with gently dabbing the affected area with one of my wife's makeup pads soaked in silver several times letting it air dry between each application and do this 3 or 4 times a day and in several days the results should really be encouraging. This regimen may have to be repeated, I do not know and here is why I say that. I am plagued with phlem in my throat, like most old men are ( I am 78 ) and I sometimes take 1 oz. morning and early evening so I don't keep my wife awake all night clearing my throat, and it may be that this could, I say COULD contribute to my not having problems with Rosecea, although I don't think so as I have taken trips in the last year without silver and rosecea did not show up. Anyway there you have it Bill. If any one thinks that my testimonial is for some benefit monitarily for your company, it is not although if it does benefit your company and allow you to continue to sell your product at YOUR prices so that those of us that do need assistance with our med. problems can afford it. then that is great. It has been a real pleasure reading your occasional testimonials, please keep them coming as you get them.

Robert W., Las Vegas, NV


At 34 years old, I've been on many camping trips, and have made even more camp fires. B.C.S. (before Colloidal Silver), every single camp out, everyone would complain of really loud snoring. Because of the camp fire, I would go to bed and wake up the next morning without the ability to breath through my nose -swollen nasal lining and major 'booger congestion.' A few weeks ago, I decided to try C.S. Last week I went camping with my best friend. I brought a small bottle of the C.S. I made so that I could continue my maintenance dosage each day. For two nights, I was surrounded by campfire smoke, but I had absolutely no rhinitis (swollen mucus membrane) and almost no mucus buildup the entire trip.

R. R.


After getting an email about colloidal silver, I stored it in an email address book and forgot about it. After turning 50 and wanting to stay healthy for a good long while, I went back to the email and read every testimonial on your site. Even then, I went to a local health food store and got some cs over the counter and started using it but it was of very low grade. I felt better and had an amazing occurrence with my feet. I had a skin condition on my feet somewhat like psoriasis with a lot of peeling, cracked skin etc. They had been bothering me forever. I noticed them clearing up and began to apply cs topically and they improved to the point of being almost normal. Some of the callous like skin dried up and didn't come back. Now, they are just like new. I use it every day or so and haven't had a problem since.

I immediately bought a generator to save money and made my own batch of "cs home brew" and have to say I feel better physically and mentally than I have in years. Also, everyone in my office has been getting sick with the flu. I had one low day and that was it. Also, I am sleeping like a rock! Does CS help your sleeping patterns? [When one is healthy without a lot of pesky infections, one sleeps much better. To that extent, it is a sleep aid] Thanks,

I'll be using it everyday from now on!

Mike D., Memphis, TN

Prostate Problems

Such great things are happening because of taking colloidal silver. My hair was thinning around face and taking colloidal silver. It is all growing in. I had growth on my wrists. I just rubbed colloidal silver on it every night. After two weeks it was totally gone. Praise the Lord. I also took it internally. I also had a big wart removed from my head. Sinus is healed.
Yeast infection I have had for years from antibiotics was totally healed. No more. That was the same time as the grown on wrists. Pain in knees and ankles completely gone. I give the Lord and colloidal silver all the Glory. Medicine and antibiotics can't cure it has been proven. My husband had prostate and bladder surgery and started swelling. He took 3 ounces of the colloidal silver and all the swelling and distention left. He locally applied to his shoulder where he had a pin in his shoulder for years. Got very painful. He applied it locally and all the pain left. His eyes are so much better and he sprays it in his eyes every night. His strength and energy has so increased. Praise the Lord!. There are so many testimonies from church people that we got to take colloidal silver. From edema in fee and legs. Asthma, growths gone, Diabetes better. Throats healed. Arthritis gone. I could go on and on. Praise to the Lord. Keep up the work, brother Bill. Antibiotics are not the answer. Colloidal silver is. In Him, our Blessed Jesus,

Rev. Ruth and Raymond K,Hemet, CA


After using CS for only several weeks, I have some good reports. Sam and I have greatly increased energy, and we've noticed that CS heals scratches and insect bites almost overnight. CS also gives wonderful pain relief when applied topically.

Last Sat. night, I got a nasty cat bite while helping one of the new critters. I ran for the CS with blood flowing and dropped it in the puncture wound because CS kills all known bacteria's & viruses. After a couple minutes, I washed thoroughly with soap & dropped in more CS. I soaked cotton with CS & taped it over the wound. Sunday, half my hand was swollen, inflamed and sore, but as long as I kept soaking the cotton with CS, I had pain relief. By Sunday night, all of a sudden I could move my hand freely & was able to prepare 30 lbs. of food. I kept soaking the cotton covering the wound in the CS. Monday a.m. the swelling was almost gone......and no infection. Today (Tues.), the wound is almost 3/4 closed, & hardly any inflammation. Normally, this type of deep muscle puncture wound would take 2-3 miserable weeks to progress this far.

Since we received the CS, we've also been giving it to the animals in food & sometimes in their water. I am thrilled to report that 2 cats with chronic illnesses are both off the killer steroid drugs. The kitty with Pancreatitis has not thrown up once, and her coat is improving every day. The kitty with Conjunctivitis has no symptoms either, & is full of energy. I never dropped it in her eye, but just in the food and water. Being a nutritionist, the animals all eat a natural healthy diet, with supplements & enzymes added to their food.

We are now making CS & just started giving it to family, friends & co-workers. After only a few days, one of Sam's co-workers with many allergies & serious fatigue has already noticed that she has more energy & feels better. She said, "even my dog has more energy". My sister applied it to a cut, & the cut was almost gone the next day.

You are both God-sends, as we never could afford to use CS so liberally without you, therefore we wouldn't have all these wonderful results. We also want to thank-you for being so generous with your time and answers.
I will let you know when I have more good reports.

Thank-you again, and God bless,


Multiple Sclerosis

I just found your site and I want to add a testimonial of my own. I would like to shout from the mountain tops. I was walking with a cane, and numb on my right side. I was about to go on disability, because I couldn't work anymore due to the course of my MS. After drinking colloidal silver 16 oz. per day for 12 weeks*, my MS symptoms began to vastly improve. Today I work up to 10 hrs per day, I walk with no problem, and the numbness is almost gone. I have come back about 80% from when I started drinking colloidal silver water. Anyone with MS, get started drinking NOW. Thanks for the space to spread my message.

Nancy D.


..........By the way, I have now been cancer-free (4th stage melanoma) for one year using black salve, colloidal silver, vegetarian diet, and a few natural supplements--no surgery, no chemo, no conventional treatment at all! My doctor (not an MD) now recommends silver to patients with cancer or other chronic conditions.

I don't take the silver every day -- only when I need it. Over the last year I burnt my finger two different times on the electric element of my counter top cooking unit. I put the finger in silver as much of the evening as possible and in the morning you couldn't even tell the finger had been burnt! Absolutely amazing. Last week one of my nostrils was inflamed on the inside (have no idea why). It was swollen and very painful. I sprayed silver up my nose and in less than two days, it was back to normal.

Glenda B.

Do you have a testimonial or an experience you would like to share? Please contact us.



Advanced Colloidal Silver and the other supplements we sell are not drugs and the information and opinions we offer are based upon use of these products as Dietary Supplements only. We have no doctors on staff and do not offer medical advice concerning colloidal silver, colloidal gold or any other dietary supplement. Although you may choose to supplement with colloidal silver and colloidal gold, we suggest that you consult a licensed physician if you believe you have a life threatening health issue. We also recommend that you do comprehensive research about colloidal silver, colloidal gold and all dietary supplements in general before accepting our opinions or the opinions of anyone else about how to care for your health.
The USFDA has not rendered approval for any of our statements or testimonials, nor have they approved any representations or opinions concerning colloidal silver, colloidal gold or any other dietary supplement on this website for the cure, diagnosis, mitigation, prevention, or treatment of any disease.

Please Note: Our definition of “colloidal silver” is one of chemistry and is a system in which finely divided silver particles, are dispersed within a continuous medium in a manner that prevents the silver from being filtered easily or settled rapidly. The USFDA defines colloidal silver as: “a suspension of silver particles in a colloidal (gelatinous) base”. Our colloidal silver and gold contain no gelatin, no protein, no chloride, and no iodide; they are mineral and distilled water only.

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