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This Health Consultation and Health Coaching is available by an hourly consultation of either 1 or 2 hours per order. Dr. Ken spent almost four decades as an emergency room (ER) physician and director at various hospitals treating everything from broken bones to car accident victims to delivering babies to gunshot wounds. He believes that the emergency medical field does a great service to people by repairing bodies injured by trauma. But over the years he became interested in working with people to naturally heal illness caused by bad diet, lack of nutrition, lack of activity, and environmental toxicity. During his decades as a physician, he had become disenchanted with the mainstream medicine model of primarily treating symptoms rather than actually curing the underlying cause of their disease.

This health consultation will aid in giving you the foundation to move toward learning how to be and stay healthy.

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  1. Laurie

    I was having constant bladder infections which could no longer be controlled by antibiotics or cranberry. Dr Ken’s methods have totally changed my life. He also helped me with my autoimmune disease. Before consulting Dr. Ken, I knew many things about natural diet and supplements and brought myself back to a ‘semi’-functional level. But after speaking with Dr. Ken, I can honestly say I am now 100% functional and well. I can’t thank him enough.

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