SenTraMin 75 Plant Minerals


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Size: 120 caps

Serving Size: 4 caps

SenTraMin 75 Plant Minerals capsules contain a synergistic combination of 75 plant-derived minerals that are 100% natural water-soluble Hydrophilic minerals. Hydrophilic plant minerals are far more easily assimilated than Hydrophobic metallic minerals from rocks and soil. SenTraMin™ minerals are naturally extracted from Senonian Vegetate™ with only pure water. No acids or excipients of any kind are used during the liquid extraction that results in a concentrated liquid mineral safe for human consumption. To obtain the powdered minerals used in the SenTraMin™ capsules the liquid minerals are freeze dried to remove the water base. Freeze drying maintains the integrity of the product and prevents the breakdown or destruction of the minerals that can occur when spraying drying at extremely high temperatures.

The SenTraMin 75 Plant Minerals Mineral product is one of the purest most natural concentrated foods on Earth and each mineral has been attached to hydrogen molecule by Mother Nature. These are the same kind of minerals found in fruits and vegetables. However, the fruits and vegetables we get today contain no more than 18 minerals as compared to SenTraMin’s 75 minerals.

Four (4) SenTraMin™ capsules are equivalent to one (1) ounce of our liquid SenTraMin™ Minerals that is sold only in bulk to whole food and health product manufacturers.**

Each dissolvable vegetable cellulose capsule contains 300 mg of a natural assortment of approximately 75 pure plant derived minerals that range from A to Z on the minerals list. As in other naturally grown or harvested foods, no exact amount of milligrams per mineral is listed because no two plants, fruit, or vegetables are consistently the same. The all-natural composition of SenTraMin™ will vary slightly from batch to batch.

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