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Utopia Silver Supplements (USS) provides only basic/marginal information and education about health supplement products and therefore we insist on extensive customer research beyond the information we provide. USS assumes no liability for lack of customer knowledge about any vitamin, mineral, or herbal supplement. Any consumable product has potential for adverse effects if abused or misused. (For example, water consumed to excess after strenuous exercise can dilute the body’s electrolytes to the point of heart failure.) When you purchase any supplemental products, it is your responsibility to know your body and its needs; no one else can do that for you. By completing this purchase, you are agreeing to and verifying that you are satisfied with the research that you have personally done concerning any product purchased and shall not hold USS liable for any abuse or misuse of said products. We also advise doing a mineral hair analysis to determine what specific areas of supplementation is needed for better deficiency correction.

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