Warranty-Return Policy:
If the Customer is dissatisfied for any reason, with our Advanced Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Gold or Life-Solution products on their first order of up to three 8.6 oz. bottles, we will give a refund on the full retail price of the products. To receive this refund, Customer must make their request and return the unused product within 30 days from the date of purchase. This will give the Customer enough product and time to determine the effectiveness of our products for their needs.

Money Back Guarantee and Return Policy Coverage:
1.   Covers only the first order of up to 25.8 oz (3-8.6 oz bottles) of Advanced Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Gold, and Life-Solution products.
2.   Customer request must be made by phone to a clerk within 30 days of your purchase. (E-mail requests will not suffice since they can end up in spam folders or be lost in transit.)
3.   Does not apply to any supplement products manufactured by other companies.
4.   Does not apply to any generators or accessories.
5.   Customer must return the unused portion of your order immediately upon request.
6.   Does not cover the cost of shipping either direction. (It is up to the customer to return the product by the most economical shipping method.)

Other Products Warranty-Return Policy:
2. REFUNDS ARE NOT GIVEN ON SUPPLEMENT PRODUCTS or EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURED BY OTHER COMPANIES unless there is obvious damage or defect from that manufacturers product.

Defective Product Warranty-Return Policy:
1.    Covers all defective products, generators, and accessories and any products damaged during shipment and/or prior to the customer’s receipt.
2.    Customer request must be made within 3 business days from the receipt of your goods/package and must be returned within 7 business days from their receipt of the damaged product.
3.    We will cover the cost of shipping.

Authorized Order Changes or Cancellations:
1.    Customers must call immediately during office hours (between 8 AM and 5 PM CST, Monday thru Friday) with your order number, as we often ship on the same day your order arrives to us. If customer calls our office before their product ships, there will be no questions asked and items 2-4 will not apply.
2.    We will not accept returned products if the original shipping packaging has been opened or tampered with.
3.    Customers are subject to a 20% restocking fee on all products other than the colloidal products we produce and promise.
4.    Customers are responsible for all shipping charges on returns except for defective products.

Please Note: Although nano-particle colloids are delicate suspensions, their shelf life can be indefinite if stored at temperatures above 60 degrees. Hot temperatures (even boiling and over) do not affect them, but cold temperatures (especially near freezing or below) can often adversely affect them colloids can change color. If exposed to such, colloids can experience agglomeration (a clumping together of small invisible nano-particles resulting in larger visible particles) and become darker in color. This doesn’t necessarily render the product ineffective unless the particles have fallen out completely and the product has become clear. The product does not become harmful because of color change or particle agglomeration.. Therefore, for a maximum shelf life, please store your colloids at comfortable habitation room temperatures.

Note: We recommend long-term storing of any product in plastic in temperatures below 120 degrees as plastic can break down in heat and potentially release toxins over time.