Dr. Ken’s Miracle Magnesium Oil

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Although magnesium oil isn’t actually an “oil”, this solution does have an “oil-like” texture because it is 33% magnesium chloride by volume. The ultra pure magnesium chloride in this “oil” is extracted from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Europe, 1600 to 2000 meters underground. It is then placed into solution by dissolving with carbon filtered and de-ionized spring sourced water in Utopia Texas to form a Transdermal Magnesium Oil. The resulting solution recommended by Dr. Ken is then combined with 10% (by weight) Dimethyl Sulfoxide (CH3)SO to enhance penetration and absorption into joints and tissue.

How is Miracle Magnesium Oil best used?

Dr. Ken’s Miracle Magnesium Oil should be massaged directly into the skin in concentrated form as needed for joint and muscle pain, cramps, or swelling. Depending on the size of the area, simply spray enough solution to moisten the fingers or the hand and then massage into the sore or cramping area being treated. If the goal is to provide overall magnesium supplementation, then the bottoms of the feet are a good location, especially at night. Since the Magnesium Oil has a sticky or ‘oily’ texture, you can put a sock on after application to keep it off your bed covers and sheets.

Is Epsom Salt Effective?

Epsom Salt can be effective as a bath or foot soak, but is far inferior to Magnesium Chloride. According to Daniel Reid, author of The Tao of Detox, “magnesium sulfate, commonly known as Epsom salts, is rapidly excreted through the kidneys and therefore difficult to assimilate.” This in part explains why the effects from Epsom salt baths do not last long and why much more magnesium sulfate is needed in a bath than magnesium chloride to get effective results. Magnesium chloride is much more easily assimilated and metabolized into the body.

Do not take orally or use in eyes. Be sure that any areas where this product is applied, as well as hands and applicators, have been cleaned with soap and or colloidal silver.

The Many Benefits of Dr. Ken’s Miracle Magnesium Oil:
* Reduces Arthritic symptoms in sore joints
* Relieves aches and pains in muscles
* Improves internal cell hydration
* Promotes healing of tissues
* Enhances cell detoxification
* Soothes tender nerves

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