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Our Improved Formula Liposomal Vitamin C emulsion using non-GMO Sodium Ascorbate is a form produced with “Ultra-Sonic Molecular Encapsulation”  using Sunflower Lecithin. Lecithin is a naturally occurring fatty substance in plants (sunflowers) that is used to encapsulate the Vitamin C molecules so that their absorption is greatly enhanced. There is a difference in taste; it is smoother and  less tart.

Liposomal Vitamin C Supercharges Immune Systems by Briana McDonald

“Ultra-Sonic Molecular Encapsulation”
48,500 mg of Vitamin C Power
42,000 mg of Sunflower Lecithin
Net Contents 9.5 fl oz (~281 ml)

Best Therapeutic Use: 1/2 oz  of Liposomal C mixed with 1/2 oz Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in 6-8 oz of water.

Vitamin C
* Reduces  Inflammation
* Diminishes Arthritic Pain
* Aids in Cell Detoxification
* Boosts the Immune System
* Enhances Interferon Production
* Increases Nitric Oxide Production
* Promotes Healing of Tissues
* Activates Natural Killer Cells
* Neutralizes Oxidative Stress
* Reduces Histamines

Sunflower Lecithin
* Reverses heart damage
* Aids in preventing cholesterol build-up
* Key in cell construction
* Prevents hardening of cell membranes
* Restores liver function
* Boosts brain health and memory

Supplement Facts
Ingredients per 10 oz bottle:
* Processed with Carbon Filtered and De-mineralized H2O
* Non-GMO Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate ~48,500 mg)
* Essential Phospholipids provided by Organic Sunflower Lecithin (~42,000 mg)
* Grape Brandy (6% natural preservative)
* Free of soy, sugar, dairy, yeast, and gluten.

Maintenance Use: 1-4 tsp daily.
Therapeutic Use: Use 1/2 oz  of Liposomal C mixed with 1/2 oz Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in 6-8 oz of water 1-4+ times daily or as suggested by a healthcare professional.

NOTICE: Liposomal Vitamin C is a health supplement that aids in boosting and healing the immune system. Especially taken with Apple Cider Vinegar, it can be a potent cellular detox, so increase gradually over a period of a week to allow your body to adjust. Larger servings can promote more rapid cellular and digestive system/colon detox sometimes causing a loose stool, so stay hydrated. Any increase over 1-2 ounces per day should be gradual for 2-3 days until the body adjusts to the dosage.

Notice: By this purchase, the user agrees to responsibility for proper usage and knowledge of Vitamin C.

REFRIGERATE UPON RECEIPT and do not expose to heat. This product is not intended for long-term storage as it contains no chemical preservatives or stabilizers. Do not purchase more than a  30-60 days supply as it is designed for immediate use. There may be some pressure release of oxygen from the Vitamin C during long-term storage unless refrigerated.

(Note: This product can have a thicker consistency because of its Lecithin content after refrigeration.).

This product is a healing and health supplement. It is not a medicine (patented drug) or product of pharmakeia product claiming to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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3 reviews for Liposomal Vitamin C

  1. Sheri M

    Utopia Silver,

    So glad to have been told about Liposomal Vitamin C. I have had mid, lower back pain and sciatica pain for 3 years. In that time I saw a chiropractor regularly but continued to have pain. After taking 1 tsp. of Utopia Silver’s Liposomal Vit C, twice a day for three days, my pain was 50% better. I then bumped up to 1/2 Tbls. twice a day and by day 10, I was 100% pain free! After a month, I now take 1/2 Tbls once daily and remain pain free. This has truly been a blessing. No more back pain or sciatica pain.

    Thank You Ben and the girls at Utopia Silver!
    Sheri M in Texas

  2. admin

    I recently started taking your Liposomal vitamin C for a constantly stiff knee. Within a couple days, the knee was virtually pain-free and the stiffness was gone. Although there is probably still structural damage, the Vitamin C keeps the inflammation and pain at bay. I generally use about an oz every 2-3 days. If it starts aching and getting stiff, I simply use an oz of C with Apple Cider Vinegar and I’m good to go.
    Wes T.

  3. admin

    This product works great for reducing pain and inflammation in my joints…never found anything better. but I did find that it must be kept refrigerated (not on a hot shelf or pantry) otherwise it tends to form globs (of lecithin?) and has some pressure release. other than that, it’s worth the minor storage inconvenience.

    Tim R.

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