Lugols Liquid Iodine 2 oz.

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Lugols Liquid Iodine aids in healing iodine deficiencies. This is a 4% potassium iodide and 2% iodine solution. Diets that are deficient in iodine can result in many severe medical conditions including cretinism ( very severe brain damage occurring in very early life), mental impairment, reduced intellectual ability, goiter, and infertility. In addition, iodine deficiency predisposes one to an increased risk of breast, prostate, eudiometrical, and ovarian cancer. There is a decreased childhood survival rate associated with iodine deficiency. Studies have shown that neonatal mortality can be decreased by up to 50% when iodine deficiency is rectified. Other illnesses may result from iodine deficiency include sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), multiple sclerosis, and other myelin disorders.

The world Health Organization has recognized that iodine deficiency is the world’s greatest single cause of preventable mental retardation. Iodine deficiency has been identified as a significant public health problem in 129 countries. Approximately one-third of the world’s population lives in iodine deficient areas and up to 72% of the world’s population is affected by an iodine deficiency disorder.

Please Note: Some people have a difficult time properly absorbing iodine via the digestive tract. In view of that, it is recommended that it be used as an topical application, such as on the stomach, inner thigh, or inside of the elbow. Caution, iodine will stain clothing. If you are exhibiting signs of hypothyroidism, it is recommended that Thyroid Response by Innate Response be considered to rebuild the thyroid gland. Most people have some degree of diminished thyroid function. For a comprehensive research article go to, Iodine and Hashimotos Thyroiditis Study.

Serving Size:
About 4 drops for a body weight of 150 lbs. (68 kg.) or less; 6-8 drops for body weight of more than 150-200 lbs. Each drop contains 2.5 mg of iodine.

Distilled water, Potassium Iodide- 4%, Iodine Crystals- 2%.

Thytrophin PMG
Selenium (essential to the proper absorption of iodine)

Cataplex B (helpful in the absorbsion of iodine)

Liquid Mineral Supplements (essential to healing Thyroid issues)

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